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Client Testimonials


"Gregg  acts with unimpeachable integrity.  He is trusted by both the  prosecution and the defense.  He never sets out to prove some  preconceived theory; he merely sets out to find the facts" - Malcolm Smith, defense attorney, San Francisco

"Gregg  helped me when I got arrested.  He uncovered facts in my favor that the  police didn't want to look into.  Because Gregg took the time to  follow-up and get the facts straight, I got my case dropped down to a  much lesser charge.  Thanks." - Marcus, criminal defendant

"Gregg Oglesby just did a complete, compassionate, and professional job." - Joseph Carcione, Jr., personal injury attorney, Redwood City

"I  have worked with Gregg on numerous criminal defense cases - both  felonies and misdemeanors - and his work is top-notch, timely, and  thorough.  I appreciate that he has worked for both the prosecution and  defense, and believe the quality of his investigations are all the  better for it.  He always goes the extra mile, and his professionalism  and personality are excellent." - Heather Chang, defense attorney, Alameda County

"Thank you for investigating what others would not" - Rita P, regarding her son's death investigation