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Practice Areas


Criminal Defense  - Homicide, Assault, Robbery, Theft/Burglary, Fraud, Drug Possession  and Sales, Sexual Offenses, Domestic Violence, Weapon cases, and Gang  crimes

Insurance Investigations - Claims involving auto, homeowner's, disability, and workman's compensation insurance policies

Civil Suits - Intentional torts, property torts, dignitary torts, economic torts, and negligence

Suspicious Death Investigations - Often needed when the police and coroner have failed to adequately investigate the death of your loved one

Police Practices and Procedures - Lawsuits against the government, criminal defense or prosecution  

Missing Persons & Runaway Juveniles - Often ignored by the police, there is nothing more distressing to a parent than the disappearance of a family member

Difficult Locates - For a variety of legal reasons, a need arises to find someone who may or may not want to be found

Background Investigations - Pre-employment investigations for law enforcement personnel, private sector employees, nannies, partners/spouses