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My Philosophy

Proactive with Your Case

Many  private investigators will sit on your case for days or weeks before  getting started.  I will not do that.  I am a firm believer that the  sooner an investigation is commenced, the better chance there is of  finding your witnesses and securing the evidence needed to prevail no  matter what the arena.  There is no time to delay when it comes to  matters that affect your freedom, your job and income, your savings,  your family, or your piece of mind.   

Private Defense Investigation from a Former Top Detective

The  police work for the District Attorney's Office, not for you.  This  usually involves securing only evidence that works in their favor and  sometimes even ignoring leads and evidence that work in your favor.   My former career as a Major Crimes Detective gives me unique insight  into the common pitfalls and shortcuts that affect police  investigations.  I will make sure that your case is thoroughly  investigated and if any police bias or shortcuts are uncovered, it will  be exposed to assist you in your defense.  I will find the evidence that  will benefit you.  This could involve re-interviewing witnesses already  contacted by the police, finding new witnesses either ignored or  unbeknownst to the police, canvassing neighborhoods, obtaining video and  other physical evidence, and investigating the background and potential  bias of the prosecution's witnesses. 

Knowing the Local Courts and Government Agencies

 I  have testified hundreds of times in criminal and civil courts in the  San Francisco Bay Area.  I know many prosecutors in San Mateo, San  Francisco, Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara Counties.  I  have testified before Judges in each of these counties and I know the  nuances and differences from county to county.  Believe me, there are  differences amongst the counties, even within the Bay Area!   My  knowledge of the criminal justice system is not just limited to court  houses.  I am also very familiar with other branches of government that  may play a role in your legal or personal investigation:  District  Attorney Offices, Probation Offices, County Sheriffs and Local Police  Departments, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Coroner and Medical  Examiner Offices, Child Protective Services, 

Close Personal Contact

 I  constantly hear the frustrations of clients who were unable to reach  their former investigator.  That client may have had an important lead  to follow-up on, or may have had a question that was causing anxiety, or  may have needed help understanding the upcoming legal process and the  investigator simply did not return calls or emails.  This is  unacceptable.  I work for you and I understand the stress and anxiety  that can be caused when your professional is not acting professionally.   If you are my client, I will provide you with my personal cell phone  number.  I want to hear from you because open communication makes for a  winning formula in your legal or personal investigation.