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CA PI #26488


Gregg Oglesby's career in the legal profession began in 1995 when he finished near the top of his class at one of the most elite police academies in California.  After graduation, he began his career as a patrolman in Daly City, CA.  In just three years Gregg was promoted to the Detective Division where he started out in the Family Violence unit, investigating child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual offenses.  He then served a stint in the Property Crimes unit, investigating burglaries, auto thefts, and fraud.  In 2001, Gregg was promoted to the prestigious "Senior Detective" position and by 2002, he was the lead investigator in the Major Crimes Unit, tasked with investigating the most serious cases in the city:  murder, armed robberies, and aggravated assaults.  This unit was also responsible for locating missing persons at risk.  Gregg remained in this top position until his retirement in 2013.

While Gregg was a Senior Detective he was consistently being praised by prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges for his tenacious, fair, and thorough investigations.  In 2011 he was voted Police Officer of the Year by the San Mateo County Trial Lawyer's Association.  Gregg has received many countywide and statewide awards and recognition for investigative excellence in complex, high profile cases.  As the lead investigator, Gregg had a homicide closure rate of over 90%. 


Forced  to retire from law enforcement due to a serious bicycling injury, Gregg  turned his investigative skills to the private sector.  He now works  for many of the same defense attorneys he previously went up against as a  police detective.  However, criminal cases are not Gregg's only area of  expertise.  He has developed a growing base of civil work involving  insurance defense, personal injury, wrongful death claims, and other  torts.  Gregg has worked with private citizens seeking personal  investigations into missing loved ones, background investigations, and  other matters of personal concern.